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Mysterious Inn | Book 2 | Inn War

Strange things happen at The Mysterious Inn.
Extra pillows are available.
Please live long enough to check out.

Ivy finds she owns The Inn during a version of World War II she never read about in any history book. She already knew the area had a long-settled German-American population. What she didn’t know was that there could be so many Nazi sympathizers in their ranks.

Strangely, no one is waiting for an attack on America to choose a side or put on a uniform. This is an alternate history where there are actual Nazis in beautiful, rural Wisconsin.

After a man is murdered, tensions run even higher. Ivy can’t hold her tongue with fascists inside the building. She has to figure out who killed one of her guests before her own temper makes World War II local–and she gets a lot of people killed, including herself.

Charity: 10% of all author royalties for this book are going to Christopher’s Haven. A home for children when cancer hits home.